When it comes to ensuring backend for mobile apps, the companies require developers to ensure they are baking security into the application code. Along with this, protecting how their apps handle data also becomes significant but they also need to have information regarding how the back-end servers, as well as data stores, are being configured.

Application Security Is Not The Responsibility Of The Mobile Application Developer Alone, The Security Team And IT Experts Have Major Roles To Play:

Application security is an issue not just limited to the mobile application developer. The experts of IT sector and the security team coordinate and work together to set up the infrastructure and implement security controls for the mobile applications. So, the company should have a well-experienced IT and security team that can coordinate with the developer to do the needful.

What Are The Problems That Are Being Faced Because Of The Applications That Could Not Exercise Security Controls Over User Data?

Research conducted by some experts at a mobile security company Appthority analyzed the apps installed on enterprise devices and came to know about more than a thousand apps where they found that the data was being exposed just because the apps’ backend servers did not have security controls. They found out that:

  • The servers didn’t have firewalls

The servers, which hosted the databases for storing the user data didn’t have firewalls. They probably did not require authentication and was easily accessible to the public from the internet.

  • The exposed data of the users can be misused over the internet for frauds

According to the researchers, the exposed data includes personally identifiable information which also includes account passwords, locations, travel and payment details, profile data like emails and phone numbers, and even retail customer data. This type of information can be easily used for fraud and credential-based attacks.

  • Uninstalling apps cannot stop the data to be downloaded by fraudulent groups

If the users think that they would just uninstall the apps to save themselves from such fraudulent unsafe situations, then it would surprise them if they are told that the data exposure cannot end even if the users removed the app from their devices, since the leaked data of the users remained at a risk of getting copied or downloaded by unauthorized fraudulent parties.

Professional Mobile App Developers Give Opinions On How The Users Can Implement Security Externally:

The users might stumble upon the Elasticsearch server while surfing, but since this server doesn’t have data access control security in it, the security should be implemented externally via inserting authentication plugins and secure APIs. This is necessary because otherwise, any unauthorized party would have full access to your personal data stored that had been once shared by you if the security features have not been turned on.

Hence, it becomes important and necessary for the companies to hire the web and mobile app developers so as to ensure that they are baking security right into the mobile application code and protecting how the mobile app handles the data, however, the developers also need to be aware how the back-end servers and data stores are being configured. So, before launching a mobile app and giving a mobile app a compatible platform, and even while it is being used by millions, hire an experienced web developer to seek help and proper guidance regarding the back-end servers as well as data stores that they are properly configured and the web developers, IT and security team should also do the needful to ensure that the users have their personal information safely handled.