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How much do you want to spend on Mobile Application Development?

Off late, businesses have started getting inclined towards mobile applications for lead capturing and constant advertising of the brand, products and services. Mobile apps were the concern for all the new thinkers and innovators who want to launch something new in consumer fraternity and for utility lovers. New thinkers are trying to find great ideas to get a new app developed every quarter and make fortune. New and conventional businesses are also getting into the race and creating mobile apps for their business and also creating a need for the customers to use and stay in the app by offering luring rewards and freebies on the app.

Apple mentioned in the first month of 2016 that it has paid out almost $40 billion to developers since the App Store's inception in the year 2008. Apple also said that over one-third of the mentioned developer revenue was generated in 2015 alone.

There was a survey done by one company that covers three major companies who are popular for their big budget apps and giant clienteles. The average cost per app in the US is around $171,450. They also mentioned there are three categories for the price structure.

The major cost factors are as follows:

  1. Basic controls
  2. Data storage
  3. 3rd party integration
  4. Access to enterprise data
  5. Data encryption
  6. Scalability

Mobile App Development CostBased on these factors an app time and cost estimate is calculated. This calculation is also inclusive of the ongoing add-ons as well. While developing the app and once the vendor start sharing the APK or IPA for sample, clients see the changes and they keep adding something or the other. The reason for addition is also because of their constant search for existing apps and an intension to beat the competitors in terms of design and functionality.



The two parts of technology that lower the threshold for activism and technology is the Internet and the mobile phone. Anyone who has a cause can now mobilize very quickly. --Howard Rheingold, author. 

Post App Development Cost

This would be a felony to think that the app is a one-time cost rather this is just the tip of the iceberg or the start of a voyage. Once the app is developed, do not think that the cost to the app development is over. There are post development costs as well. When you launch the app and start getting users, you also witness constant feedback. Based on the feedback, you need to tweak the app functionality and designs. There may be scenarios where you remove some features and add another.

Factors to remember for continuous app development

Multiply development cost
Budget thousands per month
Plan for several updates per year

It is imperative to first have an idea of developing an app and do some research of who will create robust application for you at a cost that suits your budget as a start-up or small business owner.

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