Irrespective of the scale of the business, mobile apps have become an essential cog of any idea and with the boom of Internet, with the lowering of data tariffs and with the plethora of options as far a smartphones are concerned, mobile apps have become mandatory for any business to not only start, but also establish itself and then take off.

Now, having said this, it takes a lot of time and effort to build a mobile app and hence, business owners look at different ways and means to clamp down on the cost of app development without having to compromise on the quality of the app.

Here we will discuss the few basic steps through which the cost of the app can be controlled:

Be clear about your requirements:

It has to be said here that the cost of a mobile app depends largely on the cost of the different features you want to add and these features are a direct result of what you want from your app. Hence, before sitting down and discussing the app, one needs to have a clear understanding about what features the business need so that there are no additional costs.

Figuring out the team

Once you have figured out what you need from the app, the next step is to identify the team which will sit down and take your idea and bring it to light. There are two ways to go about this – the in-house team or take the project and outsource it to developers.

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The second way is one way to cut down on the money and yet get top-notch product.

Outsourcing will give you a number of options – you can choose the best rate for your project, allocate a wholesome budget or even enter a deal where payment can be made on a per hour basis.

Building an app with pre-built features

Now, if one starts to build an app from scratch, the cost is quite exorbitant, but then, at the same time, if the app comes with pre-built templates, which needs to be tweaked around a little, one can always save few extra bucks.

For instance, if you are looking to create your own push notification functionality or 24*7 chat support, you can always go for a third-party plugin.

Supervision at all times

There should be a product manager at all times and he/she can be the point of contact and all channels of communication should go through them. However, even when the different stages are crossed, you as the business owner or leader should personally supervise the progress and stay in the loop.

Mobile app is an essential cog for any business model, but at the same time, if few basic and important steps are followed, the cost can be contained without having to compromise on the quality of the product.