An inseparable part of our daily lives are the mobile phones or smart phones that we carry inside our house, outside our place, in the car, on the road and even in the washrooms sometimes. We are dependant on our phones for waking up, for remembering something, for making payments, for shopping, for staying in touch, for entertainment and so many other functions. We are moreover, controlled by our phones as they have become so important in our lives.

In the world of smartphones, new applications are launched frequently. And there are iphones. Only a few are to stay! User-friendly apps are prioritized by everybody. Making it up to the user’s expectation is not easy as not every app matches to the yearly design trends.

In the world of new, everybody shall strive for uniqueness and ideas out of the box. This is challenging initially, but you never know where it takes you.

  • Ideas for Mobile Apps

  1. Material Design

The material of your iphone application shall be cunning and crisp, the designing beautiful. This makes the application smarter and appealing. The content and material will be influential.

  1. Blur Backgrounds

Blurred backgrounds or tinted backgrounds work for apple. These show a direction and are amicable. Although these backgrounds are diffused yet they have eye catching effect. They are trending and the images and colors are merged and diffused behind but the buttons are clearly visible, so it is attractive.

  1. Typography and Color

Consider the difference between the desktop and mobile screen and so the color schemes and typography used for mobile screens shall be different from that used on large screens. The typography shall be such that the most important information gets registered quickly. The font shall be large and the color combinations be careful so they don’t skim. This helps in phone app development.

  • Usage of Mobile App

  1. Accessibility/ Adaptability

Your application should be such that it can be accessed by all. It shall be understandable to considerable age bars. Accessibility depends upon the font styles, sizes, designing and colors. The easier the accessibility, the more the user friendly the app is.

Adaptability depends on the easiness your application offers to users. The more procedural and sequential your application is, the more adaptive to it the users will be.

  1. Movements, Animations and Videos

Anything that moves catches the eye. Animations and videos can be the primary way to highlight and get important schemes noticed. Any coupon or freebies or discount- by way of these will get registered by more people.

  1. Gestures

Touch or double touch, pinch-in or pinch-out, holding, dragging, and a lot of them are trending. These are gestures. These are new, cool and easy. This shows that your app requires less and provides more. Hence, there shall be more use of gestures that brings traffic to your app.

  • Online Business of Mobile Apps

Mobile Commerce Applications

  1. For Payments

Transactions take place every minute. Every person is busy making payments, transacting, receiving, lending or borrowing. Transactions are a part of daily life now. Help people handling their transactions online through your e-commerce apps. Online payments of bills, merchandise or any fee will make people choose your application.

  1. For Shopping

Also, designing online shopping applications is on the list. People are busy, give them options like Flipkart and Amazon to shop from home. Provide varieties with good descriptions. Create an internet/online market for the users.