After months of effort and research and toiling away, you have developed your mobile application and now, all you need to do it to market it and well, this is perhaps the biggest and most important hurdle.

In this blog, we will discuss the few common mistakes which people make while marketing their product and will explore them all in detail.

Never sell features, focus on benefits

This is one of the biggest mistakes companies as instead of focusing on the e-commerce mobile application, you need to talk about the benefits. You have to strategize your marketing plan where all you harp upon why your product is different and how the different benefits will be useful for the customers.

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Always study competition

When the application is ready to be rolled out, always keep an eye on what your competition is doing and what they are developing. This is where you need to do proper and extensive research and see what you are offering.

This is when you need to make sure that you are offering does not come with the same features and even if you do, you can always choose a different target group to draw maximum benefits.

Make sure to test the Application in the Application store before it is completed

Now, we understand that developers are quite keen to test their application in the application store during the completion phase. Applications stores like Apple App store are always looking out for new applications for their users, and hence, when the application is launched in the app store and if it is incomplete, Apple will transport it to the users.

This is what spells doom as the users will start downloading incomplete applications and you will end up getting only negative fingers. Hence, never publish the application before private testing is done.

Keep track of users’ behavior

One cannot just assume just because the users have downloaded the app they will start using it. Always keep track of the actions and open a channel for all sorts of feedback in a timely manner. This is how you can stay up to speed on what the user wants and how you can always improve.