Technology is ever evolving so as its requirements. We have seen internet boom which brought Google and other search engine and then iOS and Android operating systems for mobile devices. So the requirement is switching from desktop to hand held devices. Every day we see some news apps are getting viral and people go crazy for them. Mobile applications are important for any kind of business. If your business type has not seen the requirement for an app, soon you will require it. This is technology.

Everybody loves to do all the searches on smart phones. They want everything on their phone from booking a movie tickets to travel tickets or purchasing some gadgets from Amazon or eBay. Your customers also require you to be available on mobile. You definitely require an app for your business, if not today but for certain tomorrow.

ComScore data in May 2012 that showed that on smartphones 82% of mobile media time is via apps.

This is simply an era of mobile apps and smart phones, hence all the innovations are being done keeping mobile in center. From eCommerce to corporates and mobile gaming, businesses need mobile applications for their businesses.

Why Do You Require Mobile Apps?

Constant Visibility: Unless you are available all the times and on all the channels, how would you make sure none of your prospect is moving to other competitors.

Create a Direct Marketing Channel: You can provide all sorts of information regarding your business as the website does. Because no one is visiting your website on desktop, you require mobile app always.

Add Value: The app can work wonders in many ways. You can offer many kind of rewards and ask the customer base to collect the reward points on the app. This will help you keep the customers always.

Branding and Recognition: There are chances of closing a lead if you have the customers stay on the site. They longer they stay on the app, the better the chances of getting sales.

Big business with sales management face a lot of issues in handling the their dales and fail to monitor sales team and their performance. They then move to a sales automation software for mobile which looks affordable. But for the long run, you need to have one for your business as the recurring cost of the software becomes big. It is time you think and act.