There is no doubt that smart phone is the technology to survive for another decade or so. And when the technology is the main source of information for consumers on a day to day basis, you as a business owner are bound to get an app developed for your customers and prospects. You may have already developed and launched a mobile responsive website but that is not enough as the survey by  Nielsen data from March 2014, shows mobile users are more inclined towards mobile apps than mobile websites the percentage is 89% against 11%.

Flurry Analytics also confirmed that there is a surge in mobile apps popularity and will continue. This suggests that there are changes for businesses to generate ideas for innovative mobile applications which can be developed into mobile apps for iOS and Android as these are the main operating platforms for mobile devices.

Now if you have an eCommerce portal or thinking of creating a new company for that, you would for certain require a mobile app for your ecommerce business as the consumers are available 20*7 on smart phones and they do not feel comfortable making purchases on just a mobile responsive websites. Mobile responsive websites are good for informational purposes or browsing (window shopping), but if they have to purchase any product they would love to download that app and then make the purchase as they can track their products. The app is handy they do not have to remember the URL of the website or bookmark it. They can tap the icon of the app and check out whatever they want and all the updated information as shows on the website would be reflected there.

Referral programs and other offers can be run and a push notifications can be sent to the customers. These kind of push marketing activities are possible if you have a mobile apps ready for your business. The best part is that the app backend is designed in such a way that any person without the technical know-how of the technology can operate that.

Mobile apps are a means of constantly advertising your brand and products to the customer base without any extra efforts. There are other ways to keep the customers stay on the app hence you should not just target sales from the app, need to give information and freebies as well.