User acquisition remains an important parameter to gauge mobile growth. However, user engagement and retention are even more important which will help you be successful in the long term. If the engagement rates are maximized, it helps convert the one-time users into long-term customers and this helps increase the average lifetime value of the mobile app.

Hence, you should look to design notifications which will be useful and will present the opportunity to showcase the value of your product and also help in establishing connect with your users who might have dropped out.

Best Practices For Designing User-Centric Push Notifications

If the push notifications are purposeful, these can be the building blocks of any great mobile marketing strategy. Here we look at the best practices which should be kept in mind when designing user-centric push notifications.

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Utilize Location-Data

Apps often use device capabilities which include location in order to target specific users with tailored messages which can then be leveraged for real-time updates and links to personalized content.

This Geofencing tactic provides the user with highly relevant content which can then serve a specific purpose.

Implement User Segmentation 

One needs to understand that every notification is not useful to the entire audience base. Hence, one has to segment the audience as it gives you the ability to ensure the information they receive is useful and valuable for them.

One can hence group users based interests, behaviors, location as well as user involvement. So, if someone has just downloaded an app, notifications become important, but then, it might not be as useful for the regular users.

Importance Of Timing

Timing is extremely important as no matter how important the message is, the timing of these push notifications are extremely important. Now, notifications are important as they receive higher engagement at the start of the day, and when there is a software update.

Focus On Testing

A/B testing remains one of the crucial components of your user-centric push notification strategy. Hence, it is important to continually develop ideas about what type of content which will help improve your push notifications.