Design plays a vital role to anything from branding and development. When we used to talk about websites, we would talk about two things smooth flow and robustness. Later we started talking about responsiveness. But when it comes to app designing the first thing that comes to mind is the User Interface and User Experience. These two things are responsible for the failure of success of any app in any industry. We have seen there are thousands of apps on app store or play store but they have not been downloaded as many as they actually deserve. The reason for the failure to attract and keep audiences is the design factor.

We will discuss the platform based design requirements and their style of designs. iOS and Android has their own style of design like Material and container based designs. Next blogs will cover those in details. Here we would discuss why design is so important for mobile apps.

Some Factors:

  1. Multiple Platforms and Devices
  2. Screen Sizes
  3. User Interaction
  4. Screen Density
  5. Interaction with Phone Functions
  6. Limited CPU and Battery Resources

Let us discuss one case of our client. We have a client who commenced a start-up that was dealing in offering search based local shopping information and restaurant information like Zomato and other similar apps. But the difference was they were covering four different categories including Automobile. They wanted to get fabulous designs irrespective of what the industry is following as they wanted to show the world something new and unique. The design was created based on what they wanted. And the design was awesome as well. Everyone who saw the design was going gag over it. The app was launched with all pomp and show. Even marketing was done at a higher pace. We tied up with some college events that helped few thousand downloads. But soon we started noticing there was huge gap between the number of download and number of active users.

The reason we found of user experience. We then started working on designs as per what user will love to browse through. And it worked. All we have to do was to send newsletters to the users who once signed up and the app started to notice the surge on active users. This is one of the experiences we shared but there are demands from clients and we have to meet them knowing that the results would be not as desired. Client has to trust their vendors so that they can mutually achieve what they have set as target for the business.